Here at smartPerform, we like to keep you up to date. Here you can see all the changes, improvments and growth in our software as well as bug fixes.

Version 2.7.0


#8944        Image Viewer – Add support for multi-image TIFFs
#8898        Collaboration App – Dialog Color Theme dark – set a different gray color (light gray)
#8779        Collaboration App – Redesign – three different main menus and an information bar added
#8708        Collaboration App – New session end dialog with countdown functionality
#8397        WebBrowser – add CefSharp as WinForms Browser
#8287        NavigationBar – allow buttons to be customized
#8276        Logic Designer – new license check block
#7420        BYOD – Download documents from smartPerform to Device
#6586        Node Manipulation: Allow zooming within Node instead of Portal/Node as a setting
#6558        Quick Navigation Bar – accessing easily recently opened or favorite nodes.
#7368        Revision of the Widget SDK


#9086        Enhancement: “Physics” for interaction with nodes is added
#9028        Enhancement: Collaboration App – My Documents Container – if document import is disabled display only “Temporary data”
#8927        Enhancement: Collaboration App – Configuration – Apps insert default file extensions
#8909        Enhancement: Collaboration App – Information Bar – Black Out is only available inside a session
#8867        Enhancement: Collaboration App – TempData – allow access to TempData via logic to store sketches
#8799        Enhancement: Improve Web Browser resize performance
#8792        Enhancement: Web – add Fullscreen functionality to Internal Browser
#8771        Enhancement: Sketches – save sketches always as pdf documents
#8767        Enhancement: BYOD – supporting different layout for devices in landscape format
#8617        Enhancement: Sketch – print function added for single or multiple pages


Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

#8730        Enhancement: CollabApp now supports Microsoft Edge system browser

#8684        Fixed: Dynamic Node – is now resettable with a path instead of a GUID as input
#8749        Fixed: MediaLink – Update after media replace always works


Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

#7314        Enhancement: CollabApp Screensaver – Added three default images

#8747        Fixed: PDF – Navigation with pointers/keyboard now always possible
#8735        Fixed: Node Properties – Animated preview style changes are now applied instantly
#8734        Fixed: Container – Autoplay correction
#8732        Fixed: Webserver – Screenshot now hides Web Server Information



#7433        BYOD – QR codes with App Store links
#8646        Clock Widget – Add timezone support

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

#8474        Enhancement: Session Start Dialog – add SessionID configuration to start dialog
#8536        Enhancement: License – Show all licensed features (BYOD, ..) inside the configuration
#8583        Enhancement: USB Export – Overwrites already exported DataBasket
#8675        Enhancement: Dynamic Node: PDF and PPT settings are now applied

#8360        Fixed: Video – portrait videos are displayed rotated
#8557        Fixed: Background Media: pause and toggle play commands restart the video from the beginning
#8575        Fixed: BYOD – Rights management in mobile app does now update ALL rights
#8588        Fixed: Application shutdown performance improvements
#8589        Fixed: PowerPoint – presentations can be imported after Media Edit is used for PowerPoint
#8594        Fixed: Client Server: Content Update window can now be operated
#8677        Fixed: PDF – node setting “default” for “Page view” iuses setting from global configuration.
#8688        Fixed: Video not fullscreen after Media replace
#8722        Fixed: BYOD – Sketch and Pointer do not work in FireFox if no touch device is connected




Bug Fixes:


#8654        Rotatable PDF Viewer: Background color and page border setting are missing
#8587        Logic Designer: Node Focus and Node Click delivers wrong GUIDs


Bug Fixes:

#8561        Video: On some systems videos stutter in fullscreen




smartPerform BYOD App


#7359        BYOD – Integration into app stores

#7925        BYOD – App redesign

Media sharing, uploading and downloading media content, jointly sketching the content, remote control of presentations, and processing of rights are just some of the new features. More information can be found here:


News License model


#8054      License – 2.6.0 license model (light, Advanced, Ultimate)

#7740      Deployment Engine: Add to License Manager and smartPerform

The new features and features of the license, which are described in the new price list, have been integrated into smartPerform


Font Support


#8251       Fonts – Support fonts with invalid FontFamily names


Frame adjustment at zoom level


#3744       smartDesk – Frame adjustment at zoom level

When zooming in on objects in the skin “smartDesk”, the frame remains nearly the same size and zooms no longer proportional to the element.




#7255       Streaming – Support for streaming solutions

smartPerform now supports various streams such as UDP, RTP, RTSP and HTML.




#7362        Session concept – Phase 2

Through the user login via the smartPerform Collaboration App interface, the user get full access to the network drives via the connection to the Active Directory.



Your own translations of nodes can be created.
        Language Support – Add multi language support for nodes and logic
#7289        Language – Add Culture Info for display and input
#7584        Localization – enable users to create language resource files for menue, containers etc.
#7489        Memory Widget: Allow the user to translate

Automatic pen recognition – MS Surface Pro
        Sketching – Better support for stylus
#5202        Sketch Toolbar: Automatic mode change when “stylus” input is detected

Spanisch Translation
        Localization – Add Spanish translation

Support Message can be created from the CMS Mode.
Enhanced support capabilities by attaching the smartPerform project when sending.
       Support Zip-File – generating a zip-file containing all relevant information for the support team

Logic Designer
       Logic Designer – enhanced pin dialog
#7490        Logic – Add Language Changed input
#6851        Logic Designer – command to enable and disable DataBasket
#6852        Logic Designer – command to enable and disable sketching on nodes

#7719        CollabApp Manual – load CollabApp Manual instead of smartPerform Manual
#7720        CollabApp Manual – Add to Installer
#7787        CollabApp Manual – Only close external applications at session end which were launched during the session

        BYOD – Web browser page for use without app
       BYOD – Rights Management

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

#7017        Snap-Target: shortcut to open snap-target-editor

Video conferencing in the browser is supported.
     VideoConference – add support for browser based video conference

Performance improvement
#7437        Project Assistant – Slow loading time

.NET Framework Update
#7501        New UI Element Style: Centered Title
#7534        Data Basket: Open document with existing sketch doesn’t show sketch
#7601        .Net Framework – Upgrade to 4.6.1

Collab App
#7608        External Applications – force shutdown
#7726        Document Import – Specify startup folder for Browse for Folder Dialog in CollabApp configuration
#7699        Collab App Plugin – Add tab to configure external video sources
#7728        Configuration Options – Screensaver

Logic Designer
#7641        Logic Designer – Add node selection to Container Sync Input

#7648        Content Display: Container View Content under Headline and Close Button
#7661        Dynamic Node: video does not loop
#7700        External Video Sources – handle node visibility via SystemID
#7772        Installer – Add ClockWidget

Menu Bar Item – Help

Better support for downgrading
Setup – Migrate project data in an individual folder in order to keep previous version intact.



#6927        Sketching – allow multiple text blocks similar to MS OneNote
#6928        Sketching – allow images to be pasted into a sektch
#6929        Sketching – change file format for sketches
#6977        Sketching – Undo while sketching
#7049        Sketching – add hand tool to allow manipulation of underlying documents like pdf
#7121        Sketching – Allow portal annotation
#7127        Sketching – Allow to make screenshots of nodes or the whole portal
#7135        Sketching – Selection mechanism for objects with multi touch manipulation
#7201        Sketching: Add item “Portal Sketch” into menu bar
#7099        Sketching – Clip Sketch to Document
#7209        Sketching – Webbrowser
#7190        Bootstrapper für Apps
#7196        smartPerform Collab App – Installer
#7206        CollabApp – Plugin
#7311        CollabApp – Allow derived variants for different OEMs
#7287        Logic Designer – command to activate Windows 10 TaskView
#7308        Logic – Video Conferencing Command – allow multiple commands separated by semicolon
#7310        Logic Designer – add block to query current skin
#6886        Logic Designer: search for logic blocks
#7288        DataBasket – allow to add whole container or folder
#7276        MenuBar – Add auto close mode
#6939        Attached Nodes – add positioning relative to presentation window
#6007        Attached Nodes: Keep relative position both in CMS and presentation mode
#6626        Attached Container on Portal: Allow Nodes to be zoomed
#7234        Dynamic Node – Node which is able to act on files which are not part of the media pool
#7385        List View – Optionally hide selection
#6562        MultiFocus Skins – pre define area for opened nodes (similar to snap targets)
#7278        Configuration – allow to configure external applications to be launched by buttons
#6742        Rotatable Browser: optional context menu
#7037        Web Viewer: Replace Coherent with CefSharp
#7161        Zoom Handles: Handles cover up the Navigation Bar buttons
#7252        Container Sync – bidirectional
#7460        EasyBAML – Add automatic translation of Messages files
#7339        Add support PIN
#7522        Premium Demo – feature set
#7565        Kiosk Mode: Touch gestures for “Task View” and “Info Center” still remain active with Windows 10
#7600        .Net Framework – Upgrade to 4.5.2



#6786: Presentation window position is wrong in case of high CPU load
#7169: PIN Dialog – improve touch and keyboard handling
#7172: ListView – Nodes sometimes cannot be opened
#7176: System.InvalidOperationException: The TouchDevice is not activated.
#7177: System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
#7178: Container synchronization – in some cases nodes move to portal
#7179: Configuration – Media settings: Global fullscreen setting was located on wrong page
#7180: Link Mode – delete links with context menu does not work
#7184: Screensaver – per logic imported data are not displayed as screensaver
#7185: Container synchronization – in some cases PPT Nodes are not imported
#7186: Logic Designer – Replace Media – Spelling mistake in properties
#7187: Content Inspector does not change the property of a node (Attach)
#7188: List-View – set up and import a PPT through folder sync changes style of list view
#7193: DataBasket – Deleting items by Drag&Drop causes NullReferenceException
#7199: Configuration Wizard – Specific Configuration affects wrong skin
#7204: RealTimeSynchronisation – no display of content in list view
#7220: Node Title – changing font does not affect node title
#7222: Realtime Synchronization – Crash on connect if not enabled
#7223: Realtime Synchronization – Viewer doesn’t close on slave when clicking dark layer
#7227: Realtime Synchronization – No control commands from nodes in fullscreen



#7140:        smartDesk – Mediacontrols are too big in height for sketches
#7141:        PPT: Node Style has different size than e.g. video node style
#7147:        PDF Viewer: PDF Control icons displayed very small
#7148:        Live Video: new devices are not shown
#7150:        smartDesk – Title and buttons in the header of an opended node should use NavigationBar foreground color
#7151:        Logic Designer: File Select – dialog cannot be operated by touch when opened by UIElement
#7153:        Release version is displayed as Beta version
#7154:        Widgets: weather and traffic widget can not be added
#7156:        Language has no effect in containers with “Hide in Presentation Mode” enabled
#7164:        Sketching: Wrong aspect ratio for some nodes
#7165:        Node Properties: Node active background image can be selected for containers



Content Displays:

#4616:        New Content Display “Direct View” for containers similar to PPT direct View
#6683:        New Content Display: Carousel
#6576:        Flip Book Optimizations
#6684:        Content Displays: Recursively display all nodes from sub-containers
#6718:        Add customizable “Dark Layer” to content displays
#6972:        New Content Display with transition effects
#6982:        New preview strip overlay for node selection


#5197:        PDF Viewer – allow dynamic access to thumbnail preview and other settings
#5466:        Full screen navigation bar: Collapse Navigation Bar in full screen, setting per node(type)
#5875:        smartDesk full screen – open twisted nodes in in the same rotation as the original node
#6083:        Panel Design Colors: Add “Foreground” Color
#6131:        Allow nodes to be excluded from search
#6681:        Coherent Browser – added progress bar while website loading
#6780:        Textblock – Added Auto Size setting to make it easier to get the same font size for multiple nodes
#6800:        Web Node – Allow editing the link URL in Node properties
#6932:        New UIElement Filechooser
#6933:        New UIElement Folderchooser
#6934:        New UIElement CheckBox


#6556:        Optimized Save & Export as PDF
#6557:        Added multi touch support

Logic Designer:

#6181:        Order of tabs is now customizable
#6216:        Improved behavior after Client/Server Update
#6553:        New block to allow file manipulation, e.g. for XML files
#6617:        Web browser Logic Command – added “Input” for web address
#6805:        New blocks to control external Windows
#6889:        Added undo capabilities
#6937:        New block replace Media Command

Content Inspector:

#6222:        Improve usability of color search filter
#6653:        Added additional Columns
#6711:        Expand and collapse the complete content tree


#6514:        Improved order of Toolbox items
#6582:        Added color settings for New Dialog Windows
#6583:        Data Basket – general improvements
#6584:        Container Sync – Allow Container-Sync specific Node Templates
#6694:        Added context menu icons
#6699:        Apply new dialog style to Web Browser
#6753:        Color picker – added button to close the color picker pop-up
#6826:        Touch: Improve multi touch performance
#6840:        Node Properties – allow to open Media Settings Configuration directly
#6848:        Project Assistant – add busy spinner while populating project list
#6957:        Added Keyboard Shortcuts to open tool windows


Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

#7018:        Coverflow: Touch in attached folder was not possible
#7048:        System.NullReferenceException while deleting a synchronized folder
#7051:        Network Disconnect: Path from Input setting was not saved
#7071:        ListView: System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
#7114:        System.InvalidOperationException: Die Auflistung wurde geändert. Der Enumerationsvorgang kann möglicherweise nicht ausgeführt werden.
#7134:        Open project: Some projects appeared to have extremely high memory usage
#7144:        Sitemap: nodes hidden by language appeared in the sitemap tree


Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

#7000:        Excel – added page time for screensaver
#6896:        Logic Designer – fixed an issue where path of File Input was not stored relatively
#6953:        Sketch – fixed an issue where tooltip of slider for page selection was empty
#6960:        PDF Viewer – fixed an issue where thumbnails did not work with touch
#6969:        PDF, XPS Viewer- fixed an issue where the grid splitter could not be resized by touch
#6980:        PowerPoint – fixed an issue where switching to full screen caused the software to crash
#6986:        Content Inspector – fixed an issue where using multiple filters caused an exception
#6994:        Screensaver – fixed an issue that a single PowerPoint file will not be repeated
#6996:        Viewer – fixed an issue where the Media Controls appeared without style when switching to full screen
#6997:        Screensaver – fixed an issue where the next item after an Excel file appears as black screen


Bug Fixes:

#6891:        fixed an issue where LogicDesigner connections could not be deleted within a group
#6905:        fixed an issue where Copy & Paste of a node out of a Snap Target is not inserted at mouse position
#6907:        fixed an issue where moving a Snap Target after Copy & Paste causes a NullReference Exception
#6922:        fixed an issue where Content Inspector’s delete button was without function
#6923:        fixed an issue where Attached 3D Coverflow’s position tooltips keep displayed
#6926:        fixed an issue where the ListView Content Display could not be scrolled by touch



#6743: New container Content-Display: list view with scrollbar
#6862: Improved Container Sync performance


#6866: fixed an issue where PowerPoint Import hangs if another import was started immediately
#6868: fixed an issue where PowerPoint Import fails while a viewer using MS PowerPoint is active


Bug Fixes:

#6843: Fixed an issue where copy & paste in Logic Designer of connected logic blocks caused losing dynamic generated outputs
#6860: Fixed an issue with Container sync: adding a new subfolder may result in multiple container copies
#6863: Fixed an issue with Weather Widget – it was not possible to retrieve weather information
#6864: Fixed an issue with Container Sync – Nodes in container lost images when container was moved
#6880: Fixed an issue with Dongle – Version stored in dongle had no effect
#6885: Fixed an issue with Browse for folder dialog – using dialog results in invalid relative path
#6902: Fixed a System.ArgumentException – “parsing “*” – Quantifier {x,y} following nothing.”
#6903: Fixed an issue with Project and File Conversion – portal animation setting of version 2.3.1. is not converted
#6909: Fixed an issue with PowerPoint Replace Media File – some PowerPoint files caused smartPerform to crash
#6910: Fixed a System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
#6911: Fixed an issue with PDF Viewer – some double paged PDFs displayed incorrectly



#6837: Added additional levels for Access Rights

Bug Fixes:

#6842: Fixed an issue where Nodes are not focused correctly when Navigation Bar gets hidden



Bug Fixes:

#6797: Fixed an issue with Sketches: the defined export folder was not used.
#6801: Fixed an issue where the Portal Logo was referenced outside the smartPerform project.
#6831: Fixed an issue that Adding an Application as link causes infinite dialog loop.
#6833: Fixed an issue with Snap Targets & Zoom-Position Targets, where position and size was lost after application restart.
#6835: Fixed an issue that Project loading busy spinner sometimes was placed at the wrong position
#6836: Fixed an issue with Powerpoint Image Viewer: “Collapse Navigation Bar in full screen” had no effect



#6813: Node aspect ratio: wrong aspect ratio of nodes.
#6824: Logic Designer: New “Language” Processing Node.
#6827: External Application Node: Allow Custom Background Image.

Bug Fixes:

#6806: Fixed an issue where “Attached Containers” were not displayed for “Remove temp. Media” logic block.
#6808: Fixed an issue where copy & paste of Snap Targets and UI Elements causes smartPerform to crash in certain cases.
#6809: Fixed an issue where Snap Target Editor had wrong font color for “Height”.
#6810: Fixed an issue where Logic Designer “Tab Input” and “Tab Output” are not correctly linked with the manual.
#6814: Fixed an issue where single steps of manipulation were not displayed for Undo.
#6816: Fixed an issue where Webbrowser Reload button does not work.
#6823: Fixed an issue where Snap Target Editor – Alignment buttons have no visual feedback for checked state.
#6825: Fixed an issue where Powerpoint Viewer has problems with “user-defined presentations”.
#6829: Fixed an issue where Screensaver does not cover whole Presentation Window, dependent on Windows Taskbar configuration.
#6834: Fixed an issue where the Menubar Plugin was only accessible when Logic Designer was licensed.



#6795: Logic Designer: re-arrange context menu items to prevent unintended access to cut and delete.

Bug Fixes:

#6779: Fixed an issue where Container Synchronization caused smartPerform to become inresponsive during comparison/synchronization of files.

#6798: Fixed an issue where activate/deactivate manipulation applied after re-open Portal Tools again.


#6768: Logic Designer: New Network Connect Interface to allow dynamic access to file share (e.g. SharePoint) (available in Single/Player Pro licenses). This allows user to log on with their Windows credentials. Based on this information, network drives can be connected or mapped and used for example to dynamically synchronize content (via Container-Sync).
#6605: Logic Designer: New “Pin Dialog” module (found under “processing”) as e.g. access restriction.
#6133: Keyboard for text entry (e.g. on Websites) is now rotatable.
#6213: Rotatable Web Browser: new option to save cookies.
#6399: Live Video Sources are now automatically hidden in case source device (e.g. Video capture card) is not available.
#6450: Logic Designer: Click on Logo can be used as input command.
#6508: Logic Designer: New customizable message box.
#6519: Client/Server: new message box to indicate a content update is available, even if client runs in CMS mode.
#6675: Logic Designer: Media Import (e.g. from USB) via File-Select node can now specify a default path.
#6706: Logic Designer: Container-Sync now provides a “stop” input.
#various: Various Usability improvements.
#various: New Dialog Design (e.g. databasket, network connect).


#6272: Fixed an issue regarding the print option in the Logic Designer.
#6385: Fixed an issue with Sketch nodes no longer being accessible in CMS mode when thumbnail is deleted.
#6387: Fixed an issue with Multi-Level authoring when uses were added to multiple groups.
#6392: Fixed an issue with copy/paste of snap targets.
#6633: Fixed an issue where switching to full screen would not continue the document at the current page.
#6638: Fixed an issue with License Server availability in certain network/firewall configurations.
#6645: Fixed an issue where a node click logic event would not work on attached nodes.
#6654: Fixed an issue where current node focus would be lost when opening a node in a synchronized container during synchronization.
#6673: Fixed an issue where PDF manipulation would not work in fullscreen when using the Link mode.
#6704: Fixed an issue where the background image would not be displayed in an attached container.
#6717: Fixed an issue with the project assistant, where selecting a project would accidentally load a different project.
#6732: Fixed an issue with RTF support for subscript and superscript.


#6815:  Fixed an issue where Multiple Node Edit only works with “Future Lab” license option activated.


#6797:  Fixed an issue of where the export folder for sketches as set in the configuration would not work anymore.
#6781:  Integrated an automatic line break for the UI Element “Textblock”.
#6755:  Fixed an issue where using the “Media Link” functionality with Excel would not apply the changes made to an Excel document from within smartPerform to the Source file.


#6620:  Fixed an issue with node templates being not available after copying a project to another PC.
#6631:  Fixed an issue with multiple-selection property edit.
#6649:  Fixed an issue with Container Sync, which would resync completely in certain cases.
#6664:  Fixed an issue with the default colors of UI Elements, so that the title was no longer visible.
#6670:  Fixed an issue where a Textblock UI Element could receive an input via logic, if placed within a container.
#6689:  Fixed an issue where Snap targets would jitter when placed quite close to each other.
#6690:  Fixed an issue where PowerPoint nodes showed a border and shadow in fullscreen.
#6692:  Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer not adjusting to Windows dpi settings correctly.
#6693:  Fixed an issue wgere the Overlay webbrowser tool could not be used via Touch.
#6726:  Fixed an issue where certain Adobe Acrobat settings (e.g. single page) would not be applied correctly when PDF is displayed in Coverflow Content Display.
#6728:  Fixed an issue where zooming an attached node would show a duplicate “ghost” item.
#6751:  Fixed an issue where the Logic node “Config Change” would not work any more.
#6762:  Fixed an issue where “replace media” would not preserve a custom thumbnail image. This issue has been present since 2.3.
#6764:  Fixed an issue where the “Sketch export path” set via logic would not apply to documents, which are integrated into smartPerform only later (e.g. via Container-Sync).
#6774:  Fixed an issue where the “Apply Default viewer to all nodes” setting in the configuration would not work anymore.
#6749:  Fixed an issue when smartPerform runs for 25 days continously on a Windows7 machine, certain Touch inputs would no longer work.


#6655:  Fixed an issue with sending Emails via a local Email program with smartPerform 64bit.
#6656:  Fixed an issue that the Logic command “Sketch” did not work with attached nodes.


#6652:  Optimization of Container-Sync Functionality. smartPerform now preserves all synchronized files even after restart. Further performance optimizations when many PPT files are synchronized.
#6644:  Logic Designer: Node Focus and Close Node Events now work on Nodes in attached Containers as well.
#6637:  Fixed an error with the “Node Link” functionality, where the position of the node would change after a system restart.
#6625:  Fixed an issue where 2D and 3D Coverflow would not show the selected backrgound image in full-screen.
#6615:  Fixed an issue when converting a 2.2.2 project with language settings.
#6613:  Fixed an issue when converting a 2.2.2 project with the Portal background image in case of specific DPI settings.
#6612:  Fixed an issue with Powerpoint and Replace Media, which led to a crash in certain cases.
#6608: Fixed an issue which could cause a crash when switching a PPT to full screen in smartDesk.


#6599:  Fixed an issue with Node Templates not storing all settings.
#6589:  Fixed an issue with volume control for videos using compatibility mode.
#6513:  Fixed an issue with live video freezing smartperform.
#6580:  Fixed some issues with Snap Targets positioning and selection.
#6597:  Fixed an issue where in a Client/Server setup, the background image could no longer be updated.


#6469:  Fixed an issue where Node Templates were not automatically embedded in a smartPerform project when used as “default import template”.
#6533:  Fixed an issue with the “projects” folder that is created upon installation.
#6534:  Fixed an issue with projects, launched directly with .sPProj file did not appear in “recent project” list.
#6550:  Fixed an issue where the “switch audience role” command in the logic designer would not save the selected role.
#6567:  Fixed an issue where Dongle licenses from version 2.2.1 and older would not have a “presentation” mode in 2.3.
#6568:  Fixed an issue with command line options.
#6570:  Fixed an issue with “show keyboard” logic command.


Multilevel Authoring (#3783)

The new multilevel authoring allows the ability to manage content using different permissions. Thereby, central marketing can make sure that local subsidiaries are only allowed to change specific, relevant content. The overall design and content, which have been defined in smartPerform, stays identical in all locations.

New configuration UI for Client/Server update process (#5946)

Due to the new multi-level authoring feature, we redesigned the Client/Server dialog. You can now specify different settings for destination and source. Thereby, a system which acts as both a client and a server in a multi-level authoring environment, can provide different destinations for the data.

smartPerform Automatic System Update Notification (#5949)

In case you have a valid support agreement, smartPerform will now constantly look for system updates on our servers. If an update is found, it will prompt a download dialog. Of course, this only happens on systems running in CMS mode.

PDF external link behavior (#5210)

Links to websites in PDF documents can now be displayed directly within smartPerform, when our rotatable PDF viewer is used.

All new rotable Web-Brower (#5895)

We finally did it! We now have a new Web browser, based on Chrome, which can be rotated, meaning it fits much better with smartDesk usage.

Easy Role Selection / Preview for CMS (#6055)

We have integrated a new tool into the CMS mode which allows you to preview the multi-level permission rights for different author . It also gives you the ability to instantly change the audience role for your configured access rights or the active language. Now, it’s much easier to be sure that you are using these features with their intended purpose. For example, it is now much easier to create multi-language setups of smartPerform projects, since you can easily switch between the content visible for each language.

Copy & Paste Fortschrittsanzeige (#4889)

Copying large amounts of content between different smartPerform projects can be time consuming. When you copy files or containers between or within projects, a lovely progress bar will now show you how much time or date is remaining.

Picture reduction  (#5082)

Has your projects grown enormously large? Often, large image files, such as TIFFs, are one of the unnecessary reasons for this to happen. smartPerform now automatically converts and reduces the resolution of these files, keeping your project compact while still making sure that everything looks great on the screen.

Temporary Media Import: Disable „Capture“ Dialog (#5201)

When using the temporary media import logic function, items will now be imported without showing a “capture” dialog for the preview image. Instead, a preview will be shot automatically.

Node Style Templates: Template Embedding (#5237/#5849)

Node styles can come in quite handy when designing multiple or many projects. However, until now, it was quite difficult to give those templates to other users. Now templates can be embedded using the new Content Inspector within your project so that others working on the project can use them as well.

Sketch Node: Allow Different Preview and Background image for sketches (#5457)

The appearance of Sketch Nodes (e.g. used as digital whiteboards) can now be customized the same way as other nodes. This means you can assign a different preview image to make it fit your presentation.

New Project folder Layout (#5491)

smartPerform 2.3 has some major internal changes as well. This means that the way we structure the project folders has changed considerably. A project that has been converted to version 2.3 won’t be readable in earlier versions. There are also no workarounds to get it running again. So please, make sure you have a backup before updating to the new version.

Import Live Video: if the default devices are not available they should be marked red (#5634)

When you move a project that uses, “live video,” nodes to a computer that has different live video devices (or none), the setting will be stored but marked red, so that you can see why there is no image.

Menu Bar: Menu Bar overlays content with Nodepadding set to 0 (#5741)

Did you notice that the, “Menu,” was sometimes overlapping the navigation bar of nodes? This has now been improved by allowing the possibility to change the position of the menu within the configuration (under Plugins).

Add support for showing widgets in screen saver (#5792)

You can now display widgets (e.g. traffic, clock, or weather currently) as a screensaver.

Temporary Media Import: Integrate Setting to activate this option in “Container Properties” (#5818)

We have slightly changed the way the automatic content import, via Container-Sync is configured. If the path should be configured via Logic, the Container first has to be enabled to be available for this in its properties.

Node: set maximum node Size (#5834)

smartDesk: You can now specify a maximum node size. You can specify this in the global configuration under “nodes behavior”. This allows you to make sure that users don’t cover the whole screen for everyone else by zooming a node too big

Kiosk Mode: disable edge feedback for pen movements in form viewer nodes (#5891)

We improved our KIOSK mode configuration. It now also disables the so called “edge feedback” from Windows which led to moving the whole screen when scrolling in websites or Excel documents.

Designer Edition: make designer edition more usable (#5892)

We improved the designer edition of smartPerform by adjusting the size of the watermark for smaller screens. If you click on it, it will fade out for 5 seconds.

Container synchronization: nodes do not use completely the space of attached container  (#5902)

We further improved Container synchronization so that it also works better with attached Containers (in smartDesk).

NavigationBar – independent foreground and background color (#5912)

To achieve an even better match for a CI, it is now possible to set the colors for the navigation bar of a node independent of other color settings.

Real-Time Synchronization: Add easier support for container-sync (#5920)

We improved the functionality of our real-time-synchronization (e.g. remote show via tablet) when using smartPerform projects that use “container-sync”. Such dynamically imported content required a client/server setup, which is now no longer needed (but still recommended, to make sure all systems have the same content).

Content-Display Coverflow: throw “Node Focus” event when Viewer is opened (#5923)

Clicking/tapping on a node within a coverflow (and thereby opening this node) now also throws a “node focus” event which you can use with the Logic Designer to trigger other events.

License Option: Add “number of days after activation” as runtime limitation option (#5950)

Our license server adds a new flexible option: We can now provide licenses that run for a given number of days after activation. After that, the license can be used for another PC again. This can come in handy for rental jobs or for floating licenses.

Content Inspector: Search/Filter functionality for table (#5954)

Our new Content Inspector, while up to now being a tool mainly for support and product specialists, is now available for all. It gives a tabular overview of all the content in a project and allows sorting and filtering and easy (multi-) editing of nodes. Furthermore, it allows the ability to find and delete orphan elements in a project and manage the node templates, e.g. embed some directly in a project.

New Document Node Type (#5957)

When using smartPerform as a user interface for meeting-room environments (converse!) or as a sales tool on a Laptop, it may be useful to access programs and documents which smartPerform does not support directly. While it is possible to start an external application from within smartPerform, it is now possible to define a “custom document” node type. Thereby, one can specify which non-supported file types smartPerform can be imported. These will be automatically linked to the appropriate external application. This means that the whole meeting or presentation can be managed from within smartPerform.

Only allow Client/Server Updates when both use the same version  (#6044)

smartPerform now checks in a Client/Server setup, if the content from a Server has been created with the same smartPerform version. If not, an update will not be performed. Therefore, we make sure that changes in smartPerform functionality can only be deployed to clients, even when those are updates to a new version.

Logic Designer: 

Optimization and Usability (#5383)

We redesigned our Logic Designer so that it allows much easier management of logic elements. New tabs allow you to have a much clearer overview of even the most complex logic. Groups and labels also help to tidy things up. A new documentation option allows you to make it easier for others to understand your logic configuration. Several further usability enhancements are in place – go check them out. Up next: make it beautiful 😉

“Close Node” as Input (#5555)

This new input element allows using an event when a node is closed.

Load Background Media – “reset” input pin (#5598)

The Logic element “load background media” now has a reset input pin so that it is easier to get back to the background you have set in the configuration.

New Input for “Shell Execute” Command (#5677)

The “shell execute” command can now receive the command as an input, e.g.  via network or from an XML file.

New command item to switch to or close external application(s) (#5959)

This logic element give you the ability to close specified external applications or to switch to such applications. Thereby, smartPerform can be much easier connected with other specified applications, e.g. a digital signage tool.

Bug Fixes: 

#6474: License Activation: License Files can’t be imported anymore
#6471: Project Conversion 2.3: Wrong thumbnail creation setting for images when updating an older project to 2.3
#6470: Project conversion 2.3: Custom menu bar settings are not converted when updating a project to 2.3
#6469: Node Templates: Embedded Templates are not used as “default import templates” when project gets transferred to another PC
#6452: Real-Time Synchronization: website not displayed on slave
#6384: Internet Explorer: Youtube Weblink tries to use Flashplayer instead of HTML Player – only in smartPerform
#6219: UI Element: Textblock does not use “Description” Text field after restart
#6453: Real-Time Synchronization: navigate in deep hierarchy shows on slave no nodes and container
#6448: PowerPoint: default setting for silent import is wrong
#6446: PowerPoint: capture is not created correctly
#6464: Coherent UI: Log for Coherent UI should be placed in “Logs” folder, not in root
#6459: Node Background: Certain file can’t be used as Background Image
#6473: Kiosk Mode Configuration: With Windows7, the last element in the groupbox is not fully visible
#6472: Project Assistant: spelling mistake for licenses without CMS mode
#6466: License Behavior: Old 2.2.1 licenses don’t have presentation mode in 2.3
#6462: Multi-Level Authoring: Easier integration of “Authors” with no domain
#6454: Real-Time Synchronization: nodes opens on slave at wrong position
#6441: Manual: Node Templates are not linked in manual overview tree
#6340: PowerPoint – Import for Office 2007 or less does not work after PPT Viewer was opened
#6457: Memory Widget – Memory View’s Background hides background image
#6456: Memory Widget – Image Stretch Setting does not work
#6419: Memory Widget – Wording
#6418: Memory Widget – Null Reference Exeption
#6414: Memory Widget – Player Icons should appear in button color
#6198: Memory Widget – Dispose view on closing


Multi-sided Sketch (#5198)

Our sketches grow with your ideas. From now on, you can create multiple pages in a sketch and easily create a new page in order to continue with the development of your idea.

Document Progress Display (#5522)

When a progress bar is being utilized on a document with your mouse or finger, for example, by scrubbing through a video, the number of minutes is displayed. In PPT, PDF, Excel, etc., the page number is displayed. Thus, the user can have a better understanding of where they are in a document or, where they are proceeding to.

Client-Server Update (#5234)

So far, the synchronization of clients was automatically carried out in the presentation mode of smartPerform. From now on it is possible to choose between an automatic or manual sync with query when the application starts. Especially useful as a sales tool, when unintentional updates right before a presentation are not desired.

Quicker Startup (#5631)

From now on, in even less time than before, have smartPerform up, running, waiting to be used. smartPerform starts up significantly faster.

3D-Coverflow (#5605/#5577)

The size ratio the 3D-Coverflow uses has been changed from 4:3 to 16:9. Performance has also been enhanced, making it faster, allowing computers with older technology more ease with the 3D-Coverflow.

Memory (#5874)

Memory is now available with the purchase of any license.

Traffic Widget: Update (#5686/#5685)

To easily get to the start of the traffic reports, there are now two possibilities:

[if! supportLists] · [endif] Double-click on the widget and you’re right back at the beginning.

[if! supportLists] · [endif] After a certain, definable time, the widget will automatically jump back to the beginning.

With 2.2.2, filter by specific streets. For example:

A8 —>  Highway A8

A* —> all Highways

A, B#, B## —> all highways, all federal highways with a digit or two digits.

PDF Viewer (#5537)

It will be possible within the 64-bit PDF viewer to zoom by a two finger zoom gesture and by using the keyboard hotkeys, STRG with “+” and or “–”.

PDF Double-Tap to Default State (#5372)

Zooming deep into PDFs can be very useful – getting back to the original state however, sometimes difficult. With PDF Double-Tap, get back to the selected default zoom level at any time by tapping twice. Less annoyance, more fun.

Toggle Button (#5382)

Our new UI element “toggle-button“, can acquire two trigger functions at the same time. When triggered, have the toggle button perform one function, while releasing the toggle-button, the released state of the toggle-button will have a different function. In addition, graphics can be separately set for both triggered and non-triggered toggle-button states.

Snap Targets (#4611)

To make a project even more intuitive, snap target positions can now be set based on pixels. (Based on current screen and resolution).

Logic Designer: 

Sketch Building Block (#5666)

To make a project even more intuitive, snap target positions can now be set based on pixels. (Based on current screen and resolution).

delete all sketches

delete all annotations

override the predefined save-location for sketches

Sketches can be used much more dynamically, especially in the context of our XML and TCP / UDP ports.

Switch Project Update (#5621)

When switching between different smartPerform projects, choose whether a project will be displayed at it’s default home state, or at it’s most recently, displayed state. Advantage: You can switch between multiple projects without losing focus.

Home (#5554)

Home(Logic Design Variable) has been added as a new input. This allows targeted commands(for example) to be ran as soon as you go back to the home screen.

Bug Fixes: 

#5843: Fixed issue with node navigation in deep navigation hierarchies
#5841: Portal – content missing after unexpected computer reboot while was in smartPerform edit mode #5840: Fixed issue with using “container-sync” for large datasets (>2GB)System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
#5832: Fixed crash with Powerpoint in Container View.
#5787: Fixed issue with incorrect display of preview images for PowerPoint files.
#5763: Fixed issues with Traffic widget stability.
#5739: Fixed Issues with Container-Sync
#5737: Fixed memory leak with form-viewer and rotatable webbrowser
#5731: Fixed issue with Sketch editor and content displays such as 3D Coverflow #5712: Fixed issue with “close fullscreen item” not displayed on the top-right all the time
#5703: Fixed issue with smartDesk Nodes: turning/move Node causes flickering
#5696: Fixed issue with “multi-page backwards” navigation button showing on first page
#5691: Fixed issue with 2D Coverflow does sometimes not animate transitions
#5687: Fixed issue with: Rotatable browser looks fuzzy
#5658: Fixed issue with Navigation Bar in Full Screen should also use “Background Color” #5650: Fixed issues with touch interaction for Windows 8.x
#5629: Fixed issue with using sketch editor on PowerPoint when switching between PPT and “rotatable viewer”
#5626: Fixed issue with “start page” for PowerPoint Content Display
#5618: Fixed issue with attached GIF animations which don’t play
#5607: Fixed issue with Logic Designer – Navigate Content Display does not work with PowerPoint Nodes in DirectView
#5597: Logic Processor – No help content for “Navigate Content Display”
#5585: Fixed issue with Video Capture Card do not work after reinstalling a driver with the same name

  • Presentation Mode: smartZoom: Redesign of Navigation Bar
  • Presentation Mode: Sketch and Annotation feature has been completely redesigned to allow easy annotation on any content and provide digital whiteboard functionality
  • Presentation Mode: Content Synchronization: Automatically synchronize smartPerform containers with Windows folders – continuously
  • Presentation Mode: RFID Reader support for multiple projects running at the same time
  • Presentation Mode: XML Interface in Logic Designer. Interpret an XML file on the fly and adjust settings and the smartPerform user interface accordingly
  • Presentation Mode: Save the state of each document so that it continues at that position when opened up again
  • Logic Designer: Many new options in Logic Designer, such as Timer input for running actions at pre-defined time points, XML input, Show/Hide nodes, Sync Folder/container, etc.