Wir empfehlen die 64-Bit Version der Anwendung zu installieren, sofern Sie ein x64 Windows einsetzen.

Bitte geben Sie Ihren Aktivierungscode ein:

Falls Sie auf eine neue Version aktualisieren möchten, empfehlen wir Ihnen vorher Ihren Partner zu kontaktieren.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass weitere smartPerform Clients unabhängig voneinander aktualisiert werden müssen.
Further information regarding updating can be found below:

Before making an update, we recommend taking a look at our Changelog. Here you can learn more about what new functions and big fixes have come to light!


Before you install a new smartPerform version or open a project with a new version, it is highly recommended to make a backup of the project first. This is simply done in a Windows Explorer window by copying the project folder. Give this copy the most recent version number of smartPerform to which you want to upgrade to.


The installation of a new version is identical to the first, original installation. Download the setup file from smartPerform and run it. During installation, you will be prompted for the desired installation path. If you don’t change anything here, the existing version will be directly updated.

Test Run

If you have installed a new version, you should now open it and check that the display is without error. We make every effort that new smartPerform versions represent your project just as you would expect and hope. That being said, if you do happen to stumble upon an error after updating, please contact us here.


If you have only one smartPerform system in use, you are set to go. If necessary, you should check in the startup settings of smartPerform if the right project has been loaded. However, if you are operating a showroom with many smartPerform stations, all stations must also be installed with the new version. In most cases it is advisable to talk to your smartPerform partner or IT Admin to confirm this process.

The Way Back

If errors emerge after a test run or by rollout, that make it necessary to use an older smartPerform version, this is possible and no problem at all. You can find older smartPerform version on this page, near the bottom of the page. Download your old version again and install it exactly as if you were installing a newer version. The new version will be replaced with the older version. If necessary, you can now load your previously backed up project and continue working like normal!