Make your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.

Innovative Presentation

Customizable design and intelligent functions

Real products and virtual content communicate with each other

Interfaces for creative and interlinked work





Every interactive screen is transformed into an organizational center

Presentation, collaboration and management on one interface


Make your Brand an Experience. Create Collaboration.

smartPerform sets the new standard for interactive presentation and collaboration environments. This software allows users to create and operate individual user interfaces without programming knowledge. It combines the stability of the standard solution with a flexibility previously only achieved by individual programming. Variable and simple solutions for content maintenance provide efficiency, flexibility and design freedom for all projects.

This combination makes the difference – your desire for innovative functions, adapted operating processes, customized design and a wide spectrum of applications becomes reality.

Standardized user interfaces, so-called apps, complement the smartPerform portfolio. As the elementary core of a specific interactive application, we create these apps on your behalf as functional surface solutions for your bundles of products.

simple – creative – inspiring


Immersive experience through interaction

Customizable interfaces and functions. Integration of all current file formats, BYOD and live sources.


Sustainability through diversity

Expandable, modular utilization concepts for showrooms, trade fairs, sales, conference rooms and academies


Efficiency through integration

Integrates sensor technology and devices, media and building management, booking systems, databases and content maintenance.


Simple, stable and intuitive

Design and utilization without the need for programming skills or technical training.

Make your Brand an Experience.

smartPerform presents every brand, product and topic in a new way and makes it interactive – in a simple way and with sophisticated content management.

Create Collaboration.

smartPerform gives meetings, conferences and seminars a whole new dynamic. Whether it’s presentation materials, whiteboard functions, or controlling media and room technology – the interactive user interface taps into all sources and bundles their creativity.

Examples of presentation applications on YouTube

smartPerform User Interfaces

How to create a SmartPerform user interface?


Drag & Drop


What You See Is What You Get


Integration of all media formats


Smart functions

Examples user interfaces

Screen videos

System architecture

smartPerform – core of a solution

smartPerform user interfaces are combined by a specialist partner to create a smartPerform Pro app or a smartPerform Applications app, depending on requirements.

Software products

for individual and Standardized user interfaces

Easily create and update customized user interfaces with the smartPerform Designer Edition.

Various player licenses for stand-alone or interlinked devices ensure professional operation and service.

smartPerform applications are used as product bundles (OEM) by hardware manufacturers and trade partners or distributed as a software product for existing technology.

smartPerform applications can be upgraded to a customized application (smartPerform Pro).

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